5 Tracks

             Concert Artist 9056-2
                 Joyce Hatto, piano
                  Tracks 1-5

                      Philips 456 132
                  Ingrid Haebler, piano

CAPSULE SUMMARY: All of the Mozart Variations are taken from Ingrid Haebler's recording.
This theft sets a precendent as the Haebler was recorded in 1975 and is the first analog recording
to be stolen as part of the Hatto CD catalogue.  Until now all discovered sources were digital recordings.
Minor tempo manipulation has been applied to the tracks.  Track 2, however, has been subjected to
different amounts of manipulation in different sections of the piece (exact details to be worked out later).

Thanks to Bobby Snow for discovering the Haebler source.

Track 1: Twelve Variations on "Ah vour dirai-je maman" in C Major, K. 265
Ingrid Haebler (13 minutes 9 seconds)

Hatto recording has been slowed down by 0.59%
Joyce Hatto (13 minutes 13 seconds)
Track 2: Six Variations on "Mio caro Adone" by Salieri in G Major, K. 180
Ingrid Haebler (8 minutes 19 seconds)

Sections of the Hatto recording have been sped up and slowed down by various amounts.
Joyce Hatto (8 minutes 20 seconds)
Track 3: Nine Variations on "Lison Dormait" by Dezède in C Major, K. 264
Ingrid Haebler (15 minutes 35 seconds)

Hatto recording has been slowed down by 0.84%
Joyce Hatto (15 minutes 43seconds)
Track 4: Twelve Variations on "La belle françoise" in E flat major, K. 353
Ingrid Haebler (14 minutes 4 seconds)

Hatto recording has been slowed down by 0.42%
Joyce Hatto (14 minutes 7 seconds)
Track 5: Ten Variations on "Unser dummer pobel meint" by Gluck in G Major, K. 455
Ingrid Haebler (13 minutes 33 seconds)

Hatto recording has been sped up by 0.31%
Joyce Hatto (13 minutes 31 seconds)

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