4 Tracks

             Concert Artist 9067-2
                 Joyce Hatto, piano
                    Track 3

                 Denon CO 75500
              Michel Dalberto, piano
                        Track 1

                     Musica Viva 1035
                 Janina Fialkowska, piano

CAPSULE SUMMARY: Hatto's Mephisto Waltz was one of the earliest recordings of hers to circulate and it helped create the Hatto legend.
The source for Mephisto Waltz is Janina Fialkowska's Liszt CD on Musica Viva.  
La Notte is taken from Michel Dalberto's CD, which is also used for much of Hatto's Années Book 2.  
The remaining two tracks are unidentified.

Thanks to Norihiko Nagata for discovering the Dalberto source.

Track 1: Mephisto Waltz No. 1

Janina Fialkowska (11 minutes 19 seconds)
Joyce Hatto (11 minutes 19 seconds)
Track 2: Piano Sonata in B Minor


Track 3: Funeral Ode No. 2 "La Notte"
Michel Dalberto (13 minutes 1 second)
Joyce Hatto (13 minutes 1 second)
Track 4: Rhapsodie espagnole


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